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What We Do

MagicAce is a Digital Consulting Firm who specialise in helping move small businesses into the technical and digital space.

Whether this be through helping Brick & Mortar stores improve their POS systsem, or helping increase analytics for digital conversions, to upgrading your accounting systems for automated invoices and online payments.

Anything you need to help move your business forward and keep up with the rapid changes of todays technological culture, MagicAce can help.

How can we help you?

What Makes Us Different?

We have worked with small businesses for almost 10 Years now. Helping to improve their digital presence, and adjust work flows to better suit their needs.

We know what it's like to be a small business trying to get started, and we always push for the simplest and least expensive options that will give you the most results. We will always try to work with you to provide a solution that suits every part of your business.

Our Services

Digital Transitioning & Management

Need help bringing your business into the Digital Age?

With services such as, Analytics, Link Management, Social Media Profiling & More.

MagicAce can help get your business online!

Webdesign & Hosting

We can offer custom websites made to your specific requirements.

Or, we can provide hosting and backend management to your pre-made solutions.

Anything you need in regards to getting online, we can help!

Database Administration

With many years experience in administering both MSSQL and MySQL Databases, the MagicAce Team can ensure your Databases are performing optimally!

Whether its initial configuration, or diving in deep to find the last little bit of optimisation, we can do it!

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